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YES! You CAN Lose Weight AND Keep It Off Forever!!

Dear Friend,

I know there's a lot of weight loss programs out there and they all promise results. Many of them actually deliver on that promise, BUT it's rare that their clients MAINTAIN the weight loss.

You see, there's a big difference between losing weight and weighing less...

I mean, which would YOU rather?

  • lose weight
  • weigh less

Think about that for a few seconds…  

At first it might seem like they’re the same thing, but, in reality, they’re very different.  

Lots of people lose weight, gain it back, lose weight, gain it back, and so on. Ultimately, they always end up weighing the same...sometimes MORE.

Maybe you've been on that roller coaster ride before. We certainly have.  

Weighing less requires being able to MAINTAIN weight loss.  

You see, there are all kinds of gimmicks and tricks you can do to lose weight…but then it never lasts, right?  

However, to weigh less, you need to adopt and embrace the tried and true healthy habits necessary to stay at that weight.  

Make sense? 

Of course, that's easier said than done...until NOW!  

Introducing The Transformation Project: Lasting Weight Loss Made Simple

The Transformation Project

A project is defined as an individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim…  

The Transformation Project is a comprehensive 6-week exercise and education program that covers each of the key aspects to developing and maintaining your own transformation lifestyle so you can achieve AND maintain your weight loss and fitness goals...and ultimately become the BEST version of YOU!  

Over the course of the six weeks, you’ll develop the habits, skills, and mindset you need to succeed...for the rest of your life. 

  • We’ll cover diet, rest, exercise, stress, supplementation, as well as navigating everyday life.  
  • You’ll learn how to overcome obstacles (real & perceived), deal with negativity (internal & external), and manage expectations (helpful & harmful).  
  • Travel solutions (simple and fast hotel workouts, eating out guide, and tips for success) will be provided for those who need them. Never let planned vacations or business travel be a reason not to participate! Travel is a part of life and we need to learn work with it...
  • And, perhaps most importantly, you’ll make friends with awesome people and build a rock-solid support system!  

In the end, you’ll come away with the know-how and confidence that you can stick with and enjoy your very own Transformation Lifestyle. Oh, and you'll lose a bunch of that unwanted weight, too! ;-)


Limited to Only 20 Participants 

One very important factor that we must point out is that we’re limiting The Transformation Lifestyle Project to just 20 new participants this time because individualized attention is critical...not just in the workouts, but throughout all aspects of the program including one-on-one Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching sessions.  

Coaching - in and out of workouts - is a critical part of The Transformation Project. If you workout with us 3 times a week there’s still another 165 hours to get through on your own. That’s where more coaching comes into play…  

First and foremost, you'll have the opportunity to meet 1:1 with Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, Janell Yule, to really dial in your personalized plan.

Then, on a daily basis, you'll receive the coaching and accountability you need to learn the Transformaton Lifestyle Habits...and make them stick!

The purpose of this project is to help you develop The Transformation Lifestyle. The coaching component is crucial...and what makes this program unlike any other.  

Because of that, we must limit the number of participants we work with. This is NOT a scarcity tactic. It’s simply a matter of supply and demand. As soon as the 20 slots are full, this website will be taken down!


You Can Achieve The Transformation Lifestyle and Lock In Your Results Forever Just Like These Clients Have:

"YES! I want The Transformation Lifestyle, too. Now what?"


We're so glad you're ready to get off the roller coaster and adopt the lifestyle with us. :-) 

We promise (and guarantee) it's going to be great!

OK. Here's the next step...

Click the button below. 

Fil out the form. 

We'll send you more details and even get on the phone with you to answer all your questions. 

We can’t wait to get started with you!  

HAVE FAITH & TAKE ACTION! Justin & Janell Yule Owners of The Transformation Club  

P.S. - Remember, we're limiting The Transformation Project to only 20 new participants. Connect with us right away so you can make your decision ASAP.

P.P.S. - The 6-week Transformation Project wraps up just in time for Memorial Day Weekend. You'll be feeling and looking GREAT! ;-)

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